“A Breath of Life” – Weerwater, Almere, Netherlands

22 Apr

The main elements of the master plan consist of a new marina to activate the underutilized surface parking, a museum to draw visitors to the waterfront, and an extension of Lumiere Park into the Weerwater that acts as a transportation network while functioning as a blue green infrastructure.


The key moves in the western section are changes in circulation and stratification of levels. The combination of moving the road and elevating the path provide various access routes and connections to the residential Stedewijk on the west. The lower level provides recreation opportunities and could be used in conjunction with cASLA or the new water museum. The second move is a new museum and pier. The museum sits on the water, and the roof of the building is even with the elevated paths. This provides access to the green roof and a new view across the lake.



The fundamental principle behind the new harbor in the central section is the layering of public space over retail, vehicular and watercraft parking. The form of the harbor was derived from existing conditions and strengths of the site. The plaza on the water will serve as a viewing platform for the boats that will enter the harbor.

The eastern section of the lake consists of an extension of Lumiere Park towards the city center as well as out into the Weerwater. A series of green fingers will extend out into the lake all along the eastern waterfront form the park to the city center and then through the city to the western edge. This “green ribbon” creates a sense of continuity throughout the three sections. The green fingers in the ribbon also provide a base infrastructure to support an additional transportation infrastructure for bikes and pedestrians.


My responsibilities in this project included design of the western edge of the site, all graphics related to it, section for the east end, and creation of the digital presentation.



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